Wash & Blowdry€20-23
Wash, Cut & Blowdry€40-44
Student Wash, Cut & Blowdry€31-36
Dry Cut€25
Curly Blowdry€25
Colour & Blowdry€70
Colour & T-Bar€76
Colour & Half Head€90
Colour & 3/4 Head€94
T-Bar & Blowdry€70
Half Head & Blowdry€75
Full Head & Blowdry€100
Balyage & Blowdry€90
Cap Highlights€69
Full Head of Bleach€85
Colour & Cut€80
Colour, T-Bar & Cut€85
Colour, Half Head & Cut€97
Colour & 3/4 Head & Cut€110
T-Bar & Cut€82
Half Head & Cut€97
Full Head & Cut€120
Balyage & Cut€97
Bodywave Half Head€58
Bodywave Full Head€66
Detailed Upstyle€50
GHD Curls€25
Kids Upstyle€20
Kids Dry Cut€15-16
Kids Wash, Cut & Blowdry€15-25
Gents Dry Cut€10

Hair Extensions Quote On Consultation

Bridal Packages Also Available
Prices May Vary Due To Additional Services

Scalp Care

Whether we loose our hair from chemotherapy, alopecia, stress or hormonal thinning we have solutions and guidance, be it by fitting wigs, t- parting pieces, permanent or semi-permanent choices and hair care products.

“It’s the most vulnerable time of anyone’s life and we want to help and be as sensitive as possible”

Maria & Mandy will be offering private consultations after salon opening times, to protect client confidentiality.

Services Available:
• Private, Free Consultations
• Expert Advise
• Professional Home-hair Care Products
• Human & Synthetic Wig Options Available
• Head Scarfs & Hats (post chemotherapy)
• Free parking
• T-parting Hairpiece (covering reseeding hairline, bald spots, or simply add length or volume to existing hair)
• Hair Toppers / Hair Enhancers for women who are suffering hair loss but do not want to wear a full wig

If you hold a medical card or health insurance, you may qualify for a grant for your pieces. We @ Sandra’s process this grant on your behalf if you are eligible.